The next Concours event is scheduled for September 8, 2018

The Morgan Adams Foundation

A 501(c)3 organization
Dedicated to improving the quality of life and survival rates of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer

Founded in October of 2003 by Joan Slaughter and Steven Adams, the Morgan Adams Foundation is inspired by the memory of their daughter, Morgan, whose life was taken in 1998 by a brain tumor when she was six years old.

The Morgan Adams Foundation hosts two very successful fundraising events, artma and The Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance. Since 2001, their fundraising work has resulted in donations of more than over $2,500,000 for pediatric cancer research at The Children’s Hospital and other cancer research organizations.

The Morgan Adams Foundation mission is to raise awareness of and financial support for pediatric cancer research. The Foundation seeks to attract individual contributions, foundation grants and corporate donations. By increasing available funds, The Morgan Adams Foundation Concours d'Elegance will continue to finance much needed areas of pediatric cancer research, treatment and support as well as other viable cancer-related programs. The Foundation will continue to host annual fundraising events and through these efforts hopes to help expand the treatment options for youth in our community.

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